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Asyra second Visit

by admin on February 26, 2011
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I recent wrote a post about my first visit to Dr. Grabel Office in Jacksonville Beach and this insane device called Asyra, But first a little background. I initial set the appointment with Dr. Grabel as he was recommended from a friend as a MD that practices in Natural Medicine, As I am a firm believer in not taking Medication unless I am convinced it is necessary.

My issues was pain of my left side that would increase as I walked on the beach and forced me to stop walking, After meeting with Dr. Grabel and discussing the issue, his concern was it may be my heart. Now I was convinced that it was my digestive system as it was always accompany with gas and burping. In any event I agreed and made an appointment with a Dr. Baker at Flagler hospital in St Augustine for an examination.

Now back to the Asyra, On my second visit to Dr Grabel, I bought with me every supplement that I was taking to see what the Asyra would say based on my body scan.

Qivana Metaboliq Shake meal replacement

Qivana Metaboliq Shake meal replacement

Qivana Metabolic Shake Vanilla and Chocolate which scored a perfect 50, Qivana essential was rejected , meaning do not take, Qivana defense and Detox were almost perfect, Qivana Probolic  was perfect, Amazing grass was almost perfect and Amazing grass wheat grass was rejected.

Again based on this and trying to read the Asrya report on the issues, I was still researching like mad about

  • Wheat intolerance
  • Dairy intolerance
  • Stable angina (this was still Possible)

After my second visit and before my Visit to the Cardiologist, I stop Most wheat and dairy products as I was eating Greek yogurt, Whole wheat bread, Whole wheat pasta, Cottage cheese, String cheese almost daily.

Finial my appointment for the Cardiologist was here and after 45 Minutes and $315.00 dollars my EKG was normal, but he want to send me for two additional test

1 – Treadmill stress test

2 – echocardiogram

While I was not thrilled I agreed , After I was doing some research on what the cost would be and after learning that this may be over $1000.00 I again started research heart disease and what was the risk for an heart attack and or stroke. What I found was based on taking some worst case scenarios it would be about 12% now that was not great but this was worst case and why was it worst case because I had no idea what my cholesterol levels were good or Bad.

Take your Heart attack risk assessment test here

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